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The vocational vows of silence, fidelity, obedience and renunciation are key pillars of Cafh. It is through these vows that each member expands his or her consciousness, realizes inner liberation and achieves true happiness.

Answering the vocational call to a Cafh Community gives a great sense of purpose. Those who consecrate their lives in a Cafh community are well-adjusted, intelligent and self-motivated individuals.

In Cafh, our Vows are our most precious treasure, and upon our word of honor we swear to cultivate silence, to faithfully fulfill our obligations, to obey, and to renounce to ourselves. We take our vows in the presence of the Divine and of our spiritual companions while we call upon heaven and earth as our witnesses. Our vows are also a commitment to ourselves and as such they become the strength and force that support our spiritual life.

  Through silence we learn to know ourselves and expand our love and understanding. In silence we commune with the Divine. And it is by silencing ourselves that we can truly listen to others.
  Fidelity is the foundation upon which we build our spiritual life and fulfill our vocation. Life brings continuous changes. Experiences happen but fidelity accompanies us to the end. Without fidelity we might make many starts but will get nowhere. The true challenge is to reach the end, to faithfully fulfill our commitment to our own deepest spiritual yearning of union with the Divine. Perseverance in our chosen vocation is our legacy to those who come after us.
  We choose obedience as a means of liberation from our human nature and practice it out of love for freedom, the freedom of choosing what is best for the good of all
  The vow of renouncement reminds us that we own nothing and we are not more important than anyone else. We take our place among the billions of souls who are all equally important to the Divine. I am one among many. Not being worried about ourselves and living for souls is freeing, for what greater freedom is there than being free of selfishness? By thinking about the Divine and souls, we forget about ourselves and become messengers of love; we discover who we really are.