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~ Miriam O., Wildomar Community


I studied and enjoyed being young until one day I found these questions going around in my mind: “How can I make this world a better place and help the people I love? How can I make my life meaningful beyond having a career and family? I decided to choose a path that I had been attracted to from early childhood, a life of introspection and prayer inspired by my parents’ way of living by serving others and valuing the simplicity of being together and enjoying each other’s company, guided by their love of God.

Almost by chance, I was introduced to Cafh. I was a regular member going to the weekly meetings and practicing meditation and prayer in my daily routine. One year, I went to a three-day retreat in another country and I met two of Cafh Community members. Wow! After I finished the retreat the only thought continuously humming in my mind was, “This is the kind of life I want to live.” All my early experiences on my spiritual path had matured with time and dedication by following the method that Cafh had offered me, and now I was ready to make a choice.

I entered the Community many years ago and every day I give thanks to the Divine Mother for the light that she gave me, making me choose this way of life, which is just perfect for me. Work, meditation, prayer, and study are the ingredients that create harmony and help me enter the inner world of self-knowledge and participation with the world’s suffering and joys.

I discovered that love is like a great river in which I can either quench my own thirst and be satisfied, or aspire to be a channel of that revitalizing water. Community life gives me the opportunity to know myself and clear up the obstacles that my mind erects against that permanent energy of love, and give it to others. My love for this lifestyle is based on my love for my vocation of unfolding which in turns develops when I improve my system of relationships with life, deepening my vocation of service to the Divine and the people I am in contact with.