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~ Juan D., Tivoli Community

When I was in college, more than 40 years ago, I found an advertisement about the Rosicrucians and I was ready to ask for information when I met another young person and we became friends. I noticed that in some way he was different from other friends. We talked about spiritual themes, about nature, and about books. Some of our conversations were about the general ideas of Cafh but at that time I didn’t know this.

Where I lived, people went to college if they could and then got a job, or they just got a job right out of high school. Most of them, if not all, got married and started a family. But I knew through what I had read that some people chose a different way, joining spiritual or religious groups. I was inclined towards this way of life and Cafh seemed to be this category.

My friend invited me to enter the group he was part of. I thought about it for some years, during which time we continued to talk. In 1969 I joined Cafh. After a few years I heard that in Cafh there were communities and I asked about them. The answer I received was that, yes, there are communities in Cafh and that people who feel a call to that type of life go there. I didn’t ask too many questions about community life but, after thinking for a while I decided to join a community. Even after I had decided, and I talked about it with my family and friends, I waited a year before entering.

When I arrived at the community in 1973, I felt I was in the place I wanted to be. I feel the same today. I am 68 years old now and I am happy; life in the community is simple, silent, and offers me the possibility to free myself from old structures and rigid ways of thinking. It offers an environment conducive to doing a continuous work upon myself and to be awake to the needs of others. When I look at my life in retrospect, I can see some details that in one way or another were marking the direction I wanted to go even though at that time I didn’t realize it.