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~ Diana S., Yorktown Community

I knew I had a vocation for monastic life when I was twelve years old. But that was an instant of realization and afterwards I forgot. My parents were members of Cafh and when I was seventeen I joined Cafh. But then, I was not thinking about a consecrated life. For four years I drifted through life, not sure of what I wanted to do. I started two different careers but I couldn’t really get interested.

I knew about the Cafh communities of women, since I had attended their elementary school. I knew that it could be a possibility for me, but it was a less traveled road and I feared it. Boyfriends and marriage was the most traveled road, a road I would take because it just took enough living and you would meet someone and get married and have a family. It was easy and clear. But to consecrate myself to God was like jumping into a void. I didn’t know what I would find. And yet I felt a strong attraction to it. Finally, I got up enough courage to start thinking and talking about it. I felt the call of the Divine Mother and for the first time, by not denying it, I felt plenitude. It was like breathing the pure air of the highest mountain.

I remember that a few days after I had arrived at the community and met other souls who, like me, had answered their vocation, under a sky full of stars, I told them: “I should have come sooner.” They all laughed, because they knew what I meant. And I added to myself “but I am here now, and I am here to stay.”