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We invite young adult single women 18-32 to join us.

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The community of Yorktown was founded in September 1979 in Yorktown Heights, a town located in Westchester County about 35 miles north of New York City. It was the 16th Cafh community to be founded, the first communities of Cafh having been established as far back as 1949. 

In common with the other Cafh communities, we live and work together according to the spiritual method of Cafh. Our daily life includes work, prayer, meditation, reading, study, and recreation.

Our community supports itself financially by our preschool, The Seed Day Care Center (, which was founded by community members and which is owned and operated by us. The Seed is a well established fixture in Yorktown, known for high quality care and education for preschoolers and kindergartners. Running a small business all by ourselves requires us to be teachers, administrators, cooks, gardeners, janitors and maintenance personnel. This in turn means that we need to be broadly qualified in a wide variety of fields. Formally trained as teachers with master’s degrees in education, we have gained additional training in business administration, human resources, food management, and other areas that help us keep abreast of new theories and best practices in early childhood education, business and grounds management. 

At the moment, several community members are also enrolled in a post-graduate foreign language translation certification program, with the aim of eventually setting up an online translation business.

Over the years, we have been told frequently that the presence of our spiritual community within the general community provides a sense of peace and well being to many people—even people who don’t know us but who are aware of the spiritual and educational work we do.  We interpret this feedback as a validation of the effort each of us makes to fulfill her vocation, love others, pray, and work for the good of society.

Many of our community members engage in exterior work for Cafh on a regular basis. They lead groups of lay Cafh members, provide spiritual guidance to these members, help organize and attend activities for the public, write and lead e-courses, and so forth.

With our life and work, we try to embody the saying that we must be the change we want to see in the world. Through our continuous effort to unfold spiritually, we strive to contribute to a world that is hungry for spiritual solutions. This is our real “social work,” which takes place 24/7, and which nothing can stop or hinder. While the fruits of our offering are often hidden to human eyes, the total offering of our lives, interiorly and exteriorly is, we feel, the greatest thing we could possibly do with our lives.

To learn more about the Community of Yorktown, a Cafh community for women, please register for one of our upcoming spiritual retreats.

"Faced with the world's sorrows and opportunities, I yearn to understand and make a difference."
Member of the communities of Cafh