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We invite young adult single men 18-32 to join us.

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The Cafh Community of Tivoli is located on a 60 acre piece of farmland in Dutchess County, New York about five minutes east of the Village of Tivoli and the Hudson River. The area is rural and picturesque. From a hilltop you have a clear view along the Hudson River Valley and of the Catskill Mountains on the western side of the river.

The property was originally purchased by the Cafh members of New York City as a quiet place to have spiritual retreats and as a possible future site for a Cafh Community. An old farmhouse, outbuildings and a barn were accompanied by groves of ancient apple trees, a run-down vineyard, some patches of woodland and three small ponds.

The Cafh Community for men was founded a few years later on October 3rd, 1979, with the arrival of four Community members from Argentina and one from the US. During the next fifteen years or so, the group worked repairing and remodeling the house and outbuildings, renewing and modernizing the orchard and also establishing a specialty cake bakery in the basement of the farm house.

In the 1990s with the advent of the Internet and an influx of new members, many of a computer-literate, younger generation, the Cafh Community of Tivoli began Webjogger Internet Services, which has gradually become the main source of income for the Community. At this time we also built a new structure to expand the living area and house a workshop, a fitness center, the Webjogger offices and a small in-house data center. The original buildings are once again dedicated to retreat activities and serve as the retreat center for Cafh members from the eastern part of the country.

Some Community members work as network administrators and integrators, security specialists, datacenter and server collocation technicians, business managers and administrators. Others cook and bake and maintain the property and retreat facilities, including gardening, electrical work, plumbing and construction.

Although our community for men includes monastic elements with the essence of our lives devoted to spiritual practice, prayer and the effort to unite substantially with the Divine, we must also run a business. We feel that we cannot divorce our spiritual practices from the realities and activities that occupy most of the waking hours of most people. In fact our spiritual practice is grounded in these common, everyday activities. Although our schedule includes specific times for the practice of meditation and prayer, these are not ends in themselves. They provide insight and strength to help us identify and work to overcome, in our own lives, the challenges and difficulties faced by all human beings and groups.

Through persevering effort and unceasing love, we strive to give credence in our own lives of the human being’s potential of reaching a substantial and permanent union with the Divine. For us, this means honoring what makes us unique as individuals while transcending the elements of our human nature which cause division between us. This union is real and profound and is our contribution to resolving the afflictions of humanity.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the Cafh Community for men or register for one of our upcoming spiritual retreats.

"I long to channel my sense of empathy in a path with heart, edge and beauty."
Member of the communities of Cafh