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We invite young adult single women and men 18-32 to join us.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The communities of Cafh exist within the greater context of Cafh, a path of spiritual unfolding. The members of the three communities of Cafh in the United States all yearned for a new level of spirituality and self awareness. Today, these members enjoy the spiritual benefits of conscious mindfulness and the rapport of communal living.


Through our spiritual lifestyle combining mysticism and our relationship with the Divine, we bring a renewed meaning to consecrated life because we have blended elements from today’s modern society with traditional aspects. Our spiritual lifestyle is not typical of traditional consecration and is full of possibilities for those seeking truly spiritual living.

Consecrated life in a Community of Cafh is designed to release members from the limitations of conventional standards. Each person is empowered to embark on a lifetime of self exploration, advancement, unfolding, and spiritual awakening. This commitment to inner liberation and fulfillment is unique to Cafh. Our members’ spirituality, based on the principles and tenets of Cafh, helps them realize serenity of the soul.


All of our members dedicate their lives to the good of those around us by sublimating and offering the energy we generate through prayer, work, and inner transformation. We give hope to the world by proving with our lives that love, offering and union with the Divine and all beings are possible and attainable.

We are committed to being productive and contributing members of society and as such use our talents and resources to support ourselves, and to enhance the quality of life for all. Combining our modern role with our vows, we seek to attain inner liberation and fulfillment for ourselves and for humankind.

In the United States there are three communities of consecrated life, two for women and one for men. The women’s communities are located in Yorktown Heights, New York and Wildomar, California. The men’s community is located in Tivoli, New York.

If you are seeking greater fulfillment and meaning in your life, then the inner liberation realized living in a community of Cafh may be your path to spiritual unfolding. Contact us for more information about our communities of consecrated life or check out our retreat schedule to delve further into the communities of Cafh, our lifestyle and spiritual teachings.

“To be able to unfold, we need to have trust in ourselves, in our worth as seekers of inner liberation.”
José Luis Kutscherauer, Spiritual Director of Cafh