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We invite young adult single women and men 18-32 to join us.

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Way of Life



The members of each community of Cafh adhere to a balanced and organized spiritual lifestyle. Our days are ordered to enable each of us to focus on individual spiritual well-being as well as the professional obligations of the communities. The way of life in a Cafh community is based on a daily schedule called “Observance.” This schedule reminds us that we are not just fulfilling a routine but embracing a way of life. This way of life is about inner liberation and happiness toward a harmonious world.

Each community of Cafh has its own schedule, formulated to allow for a balanced day that includes spiritual activities, intellectual activities, physical activities, and recreation, while meeting the needs dictated by the external work, the climate, and the community’s particular circumstances.

“Words guide, examples move, but only the giving of oneself transforms”
Santiago Bovisio, founder of Cafh


A typical day may go as follows, with some variations, depending on the community.

7:00am Personal time
8:00am Work
12:00 Lunch & recreation
1:30pm Private study and rest
3:30pm Work
6:30pm Personal time
7:30pm Teaching of Cafh
8:00pm Dinner & recreation
9:30pm Prayer and meditation
10:00pm Individual study and private reflection
11:00pm Silence and rest

If you are seeking greater fulfillment and meaning in your life, then the inner liberation realized living in a community of Cafh may be your path to spiritual unfolding. Contact us for more information about our communities, our lifestyle and spiritual teachings.