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We invite young adult single women and men 18-32 to join us.

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Our Mysticism

Our Mysticism


The mysticism of Cafh is the result of prayer, our relationship to the Divine, the study of Cafh’s teachings, and the effort to harmonize with others and the world around us. We relate to the Divine as the fundamental principle of the universe which transcends our understanding, giving it the name Divine Mother.

The communal living of Cafh includes daily prayer, work, study, and recreation according to a balanced and regular schedule which we call Observance. The Observance creates the special environment that helps us expand our consciousness, enabling us to realize who we really are. Through the mysticism of Cafh and profound introspection, each of us fulfills our spiritual possibilities. Jointly, we corroborate and validate the spiritual concepts of Cafh we learn through daily practice.

Prayer, contemplation, and inner work are the lights that guide the community of Cafh members. Cafh's teachings help members guide others. “When seen from a window, the sky is a small fragment; but when viewed from outside, it extends farther than the eye can reach.” Through the mysticism of Cafh we can renounce our personal problems and gain access to the immensity of our reality: we are in all souls.

In our ongoing quest for spiritual unfolding, work grounds us, making us realistic and practical and, above all, connecting us through participation to every human being in the world. If you are seeking greater fulfillment and meaning in your life, then the inner liberation realized living in a community of Cafh may be your path to spiritual unfolding. Contact us for more information about our communities, our lifestyle and spiritual teachings.

“To be able to unfold, we need to have trust in ourselves, in our worth as seekers of inner liberation.”
José Luis Kutscherauer, Spiritual Director of Cafh