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Diana is a member of a community of Cafh. She enjoys writing, sports, children, and life, with all that it brings. She is experienced in spiritual unfoldment, spiritual direction, and in practices that assist one in being a happier and better person.

Happy ever after?

Why do I like movies like Mission Impossible? Well, the impossibility of it all, the thrill, the struggle between good and evil, and the fact that, in the end, all ends well.

In my own life, my Mission Impossible is to attain happiness. And don’t we all take this as our very secret, special mission? In this case, I wouldn’t call it impossible, because some people, and I count myself among them, are happy. But on the other hand, true happiness is not easy to attain since, although we are all at the same starting line of the search for happiness when we begin life, nobody makes it to the finish line without any scratches. . . . For some, to attain happiness is a greater effort than for others. For example: When you weren’t expecting your baby to be born with Down syndrome, or when a four-year-old learns too soon that some people (his parents) can stop loving each other. A 17-year-old can soon know that the world is not an easy place. A bomb maims people, changing their lives forever. And where is happiness? Was it an impossible?

I don’t think happiness is impossible but it does not always express itself as I want it or as I imagine it.  For me, happiness is to make peace with myself and what life gives me: with the dreams I had and could not fulfill, with the people I love who cannot always be like I want them to be, with loss and sickness. When I don’t feel happy because of the things that happen to me, I look at all the good things I have in my life, and at the people who have it worse than me and at all the good I can still do in the world and how much I can love, even if my life is not all I wanted it to be.

And then, I become weightless like a bird. I soar and I am free. Not because life is easy for me but because I am learning as I go--learning how to use the sorrows and the difficulties and to be happy in spite of them.   Happiness is not an impossible. It is just a Mission. It might not come free but is worth the effort.

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The mission: part 3

How many times I have seen the sun rise and set? How many times has the moon illumined a quiet and lonely night when I faced the challenge and the glory of being human? Take any human life, my life. I am born, a little lump of matter with a consciousness that is a spark of the universe and then, there begins my life: an effort to learn, to understand the “whys” and the “what fors”. And as I grow, I experiment, I make mistakes and try again and I get a few bruises on the way, and sometimes I understand and learn, and sometimes I have to repeat the same mistake over and over again (sort of like a rerun of the movie Groundhog Day) until finally I “get it” and move on .

And then, this little piece of matter (myself) arrives at the end, and it is time to gather all the laughter and tears that accompanied the journey, and take that spark of consciousness somewhere else. And, poof! My life is over. In short, this is the whole picture, bold, bittersweet and darn scary. Why? Well, because there is an end and an unknown that has to be taken with faith. And because, seeing it this way, life is so short!

Life and death take away but also give. For example, remembering that my life has a beginning and an end does not leave room for the … “who cares?”, or “I’ll do it… someday”, or…”this will never end”. I have always felt a jolt when a child or a friend younger than myself died. It has shaken the feeling that life goes on forever. Life and death are unpredictable, sometimes messy, and intimidating.   But, on the sunny side, the good news is that we human beings don’t go down without a fight. And in fighting we learn and discover better ways of dealing with these great, scary, and sometimes painful mysteries of human existence.

So, yes, life is short, and unpredictable. It is also sweet, beautiful, and who would not like it to last forever? If life will not bend to my wishes, what about trying to concentrate on the present? The ice cream cone I enjoy at this moment tastes as no other has ever tasted or will taste. The mistakes I made yesterday can only be fixed today. And only today I can set the foundation for a happy tomorrow. And this is all I have: that little space between yesterday and tomorrow, which is TODAY. Today, which lived fully, intensely, and with love, becomes ETERNITY.  

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More on heroes and our mission in life

In my previous blog, Mission Impossible, I shared some of my ideas about one’s mission in life and what it is to be a hero.

Let me add more . . . . Sometimes along the journey of life I fall asleep and forget where I was going. Then, by the time I realize this, I can only say, “I’m stuck”. But to see this and tell myself so is my first step towards getting back on track. If I look deep, deep within myself and at my ideals, the yearning for something high and unique, takes me back home to the source of my life and the best in myself. It is like the phoenix born from the ashes, the hero resurrecting the deep longing of the heart that sometimes becomes forgotten but never dies.

To fulfill one’s highest yearnings is not easy. The hero who has to fight the unbeatable many times would like to just forget who he/she is, what he/she has to do. But there is no way to ignore my mission. It knocks at my door continuously. It haunts my sleep. It buzzes in my brain. It does not leave me alone until I give myself entirely to what I was born to do.

So when I am at a loss in life, I tell myself: “Don’t give up! Get up, look around you and get ready to battle for the best in you and all of humankind. Do something for someone else and don’t wait for rewards. Give freely, with no strings attached.” Is this simple for me to do? No. But who wants what’s easy and the emptiness that goes hand in hand with it? To reach meaning and fulfillment is not a scratch on the surface and it is a continuous challenge. My happiness is in the effort and in knowing that I am not alone. You and many others are with me on this journey. So, for the sake of all humankind, let’s not stop!

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Mission Impossible

When I see an actor jumping from a plane, bouncing off a building, fighting ten bad guys at once, and doing the unbelievable, I laugh and say to myself: “…only in the movies!” But then I look at it from another angle: What is someone like Tom Cruise really saying with all that jumping, falling and then… surprise... he is still alive?! His message is that of the hero: “It doesn’t matter what happens to me, the outcome of the mission is what matters, and I matter only because I am the instrument that carries it out.”

Living with a mission is living meaningfully and with a purpose. The awareness of the mission makes me go ahead even when I am tired; it makes me forget that I am sad or sick. It makes me forget myself and think of others and feel more deeply the beauty of life, of everything that is good and worthwhile.

But the mission does not need to be Mission Impossible. It might be as simple (but not always easy) as doing what I always do: my work at school with the children, smiling at others, not losing patience, cleaning, cooking, making an extra effort or consoling someone. The Mission is to do the best I can do, at every moment. But the sense of mission becomes even stronger in difficult moments. It is then that I tell myself: I must go on. I can’t bury myself in my room with my tears or give up, because there is something important I have to do: my mission. I have to get up, overcome the obstacles, and keep on going.

There is a beautiful Cafh prayer which always reminds me of the mission to be fulfilled, the difficulties to overcome, how to go on, and it always makes me feel stronger. It goes like this: “From the beginning to the end there are obstacles, the seeker knows obstacles until the end. The obstacle knows him well. Rise up seeker, life is struggle after struggle! This is known even by the greatest angels.” Then I tell myself, if even the greatest beings have to overcome difficulties, why should it be different for me?

To fulfill my Mission, I must overcome the obstacles that arise. I am Mission Impossible, the hero, the unbelievable one when, in my small place and in my life, as little and simple as it may seem, I rise above my difficulties with a strength from within that says: “I will never be conquered; I will overcome. I will keep on trying until the day I die.”

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Everyone's life should have a focus because this gives you a direction or mission to fulfill. Great article.
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 6:06 PM
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